20 September 2022

LAB and Brusche Process Technology partnership

LAB and Brusche Process Technology partnership brings on the market a Carbon Capture solution
thanks to unique complementary skills in the Waste and Biomass to Energy sector through our diverse experiences.
LAB as specialist and turnkey supplier of Flue Gas Treatment and Brusche as Carbon Capture, Storage and Utilisation

LAB and Brusche Process Technology, together, bring a proven “Carbon Capture solution” and “full plant integration” to the market with the ambitious goal to build a sustainable future.

 Brusche Process Technology is a company with a specialization in process engineering and a strong focus on sustainability. We bring extensive knowledge in the field of development, design, manufacturing and maintenance of technical installations in the process industry. Brusche Process Technology is able to translate innovations from conceptual design to solutions applicable in the market. We have a large network in which we cooperate with various parties to develop sustainable solutions in the field of Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS).

LAB is a recognized specialist of flue gas cleaning solutions. We offer turnkey installations and look forward to propose a reliable Carbon Capture solution for the Waste to Energy and Biomass to Energy sectors which are our key markets with long time experience. From condensation systems to emission control system and heat pump integration, we provide optimised configuration to existing and new plants.

Both parties have decided to work together in developing solutions to supply turnkey Carbon Capture plants to the benefit of our clients and environment.