With In-Line configuration, the scrubber is installed in place of the existing silencers directly inside the funnel. The solution guarantees the minimum visual impact and space requirement.

  • Scrubber towers are manufactured in super austenitic steel in order to operate in Wet and Dry Mode without exhaust bypass duct
  • The Silencers are integrated in the scrubber design
  • The systems are proposed in Single or Multi-engine configuration




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With Off-Line configuration, the scrubber is installed in parallel with the existing exhaust lines which act as a bypass. In a multi-engine configuration the exhaust gas is typically collected in a common duct and conveyed through a quench to a single austenitic steel or GRP Scrubber. Dampers are required to isolate each single engine.

  • Super austenitic steel or GRP solution
  • Multi-engine configuration is proposed




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