Exhaust gas cleaning










Today, numerous references for cruising, ferries and container ships lead LAB as a major player on DeSOx and DeNOx markets


Thanks to its advanced and patented technologies both for DeSOx and DeNOx solution, called DeepBlueLAB SOx™ and  DeepBlueLAB NOx™, LAB’s Marine technologies comply with the current most stringent regulations (IMO regulation and ECA global SOx and NOx limits) and are ready for future evolution.

LAB is able to provide state-of-the-art Exhaust Gas Cleaning systems compliant with the current regulations and operating in Open Loop , Closed Loop and Hybrid mode.

Standard or custom-based technologies are evaluated and proposed case to case to better fit the ships space availability and other specific requirements including Inline / Offline and Single / Multi-engine configurations.

In addition to the standard metallic alloys, LAB is the only scrubber manufacturer that offers innovative materials such as GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) with the advantage of a higher corrosion resistance, shorter delivery time and reduced weight.



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