Management team


Management 2023

LAB Management team 

From left to right : David Boyer (Sales & Marketing), Frank Spöhrer (Stuttgart Branch Manager), Rainer Prade (Technology), Anthony Jigorel (Marine activity / CO2 capture), Benoit Bourhis (Proposals), Gilles Laignel (Production), Richard Budin (Managing Director), Jean-Philippe Mavel (QHSE), Fabrice Gourmelon (Process), Caroline Dembinski (Legal), Pascal Michaëly (Detail Process), Antoine Burguière (Project Management), Charlotte Wipliez (Finance), 
Michael Rutkowski (Coburg Branch Manager), Gilles Berut (Purchasing)


A few words from the Managing Director

Improvement of plant efficiency, reduction of emissions to the environment and Customers' satisfaction are the key drivers of LAB. Our most recent developments, both in the marine industry and in the CO2 capture, show our dynamism but also the constant evolution of our business and the geographical markets.

This keeps us motivated and enriches our skills based on over 60 years of experience, to ensure to our Customers our level of excellence which is the strength of our Company.