Flue gas treatment

Combustion of any kind of fuel (waste, biomass, sludge,…) releases flue gases, that need to be cleaned before being discharged to the atmosphere to fulfill the current and coming regulations (such as the BREFs & BATAELs).

LAB portfolio includes the full available Flue Gas Cleaning processes that can be installed individually or combined :

DrySemi-dryWet for removal of dust, acid gases (HCl, SO2, HF), mercury, heavy metals and dioxins/furans.
SCR catalyst system for NOx and dioxins/furans removal
Flue gas condensation which can be combined to Combustion Air Humidification for Heat Recovery and to increase plant efficiency.

LAB has many references in the following fields of application :

  • Sewage sludge                                           
  • Waste-to-Energy                                        
  • Biomass-to-Energy                                    
  • Power plants                                               
  • Hazardous, special and hospital waste  

Today, LAB has already installed more than 450 units.


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