Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental policy

LAB is an international engineering, construction and service entity, providing its Customers integrated solutions to reduce all kinds of emissions.


LAB recognizes that performing its services in accordance with the relevant standards on quality management, health & safety regulations and protection of the environment as set out in the standards ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 are key elements for the success and sustainable development of the company's activity.

For its customers' and other stakeholders' satisfaction LAB develops and strictly applies its integrated management systems to secure and continuously improve:

  • The Quality and Performance of its products and services
  • Its Health & Safety performance complying with applicable standards
  • The environmental footprint of its products and services 
  • The sustainable creation of value for all stakeholders 

Implementing these superior goals in a Client oriented organization imposes LAB to follow strategic axes in its integrated management processes that involves the key functions hereinafter:

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