6 avril 2022

LAB technology for RENOVA’s upgrading project

RENOVA, historical customer of LAB, is operating since 2010 in Sävenäs, Göteborg, Sweden a high-efficient LAB Flue Gas Treatment with emission limits already much below the new BATAELs low range.
LAB would like to thank RENOVA for its confidence in our technology by contracting the retrofit project of its existing Waste-to-Energy line 1 at the same plant (project Rökgasrening 5G) to LAB as well. 
LAB is going to implement, downstream the existing wet system with flue gas condensation, its patented Electro-Filtering Modules (EFM) for additional de-dusting and heavy metal collection followed by tail-end SCR deNOx/dediox unit designed for very low NOx emissions (< 20 mg/Nm3).
The start of the operation of the upgraded Flue Gas Treatment system of line 1 is scheduled for winter 2023.