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  • Personal data

    This Personal Data Protection Policy is aimed at users of the website (the “Website”), or rather any person who accesses and browses the Website, and any individual exchanging Personal Data with LAB.

Who collects my data?

The Data Controller responsible for processing the Personal Data of users collected via the LAB Website is:

Company name: LAB
Share capital: 3 003 433,12 euros
Company form: Simplified Joint-Stock Company
SIREN: 428 679 385 RCS Lyon
Registered office address: 259 avenue Jean Jaurès 69007 Lyon
Legal representative: Richard Budin


  • Cookies

By browsing the LAB Website, you consent to the fact that the cookies described below might be saved to your terminal in accordance with this Personal Data Protection Policy.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small text file saved to your terminal’s hard disk when you visit a website.
It saves certain information about your browsing or on-line behaviour which allows us to improve and facilitate your browsing experience.

What are cookies for?
The LAB Website uses cookies to recognise users and improve their browsing experience and the services offered to them. In practice, cookies are used to authenticate and identify you. They can also save your preferences and measure the different uses of the Website.

Which cookies are found on the Website?
LAB promotes transparency in the processing of your Personal Data. As such, and to ensure you are provided with the most transparent information possible, below is a list of the different cookies used on the Website and their purpose.

There are two basic types of cookie: third-party cookies and the cookies used by LAB. 

Third-party cookies
When you visit the LABM Website, it’s possible that partner companies will save cookies to your terminal. These cookies are used by advertising partners on the LAB Website. Cookies contained within the adverts themselves are used to provide information and statistics on their advertising relevance (number of users clicking on the advert, number of times the advert is displayed, etc.).

You can disable third-party cookies in your browser settings. We will explain how below. 

Cookies used by LAB
By browsing the CNIM Website, you accept that LAB installs so-called “technical” cookies which access, register and consult the information saved on your terminal equipment:
•    For the exclusive purpose of allowing or facilitating electronic communication;
•    Which is strictly necessary to ensure the provision of the Website’s on-line communication service.

When you first visit the LAB Website, you will also have been informed (see information banner) of the presence of tracker cookies, aimed notably at calculating visit statistics, and the possibility for you to block these by reading this document. 

As mentioned further above, by choosing to block our cookies, we are obliged to inform you that browsing the LAB Website and/or using certain functionalities might be slightly affected.

Installing these cookies: it’s your choice
The browser software on your computers, smartphones and other web access terminals accepts cookies on websites by default.
However, you remain in control of the installation of these cookies. You have the option to configure your browser software to:

•    Accept or block the cookies found on the Website;
•    Systematically block all cookies;
•    Request your consent to each cookie you encounter when browsing the web.

To do this, simply go to your browser software and follow the instructions. For example:
•    In Internet Explorer™: Tools menu ► Internet options ► Confidentiality tab ► Choose the desired level
•    In Firefox™: Tools menu ► Options ► Privacy tab ► Choose the desired options
•    In Chrome™: Configuration menu (Settings logo) ► Settings ► Advanced settings ► Content settings ► Choose the desired options
•    In Opera™: Tools menu ► Preferences ► Advanced tab ► Cookies section ► Manage cookies ► Choose the desired options

Conservation period
In any event, cookies or any other elements used to identify you for statistical or audience purposes will be stored on your terminal for a period appropriate to the purpose of the processing envisaged and for a maximum period of thirteen (13) months. This period is not automatically extended when you visit the LAB Website again on subsequent occasions.
After this period, the raw traffic data associated with an identifier is either deleted or anonymised.


  • Other types of Personal Data

When you visit our Website, you are under no obligation to provide us with Personal Data about you. However, to access certain functionalities on our websites, in order to download certain documents for example, we might need to process your Personal Data. This processing is dependent on your consent.

If you don’t communicate this Personal Data, you might not benefit from the corresponding services offered by our websites, such as document download or hiring services.

We remind you that the rights attached to the laws and regulations on personal data protection are strictly personal. By communicating Personal Data to LAB you are committing to communicating information about you only.

Collection of Personal Data via the Website

Information gathered on this Website via our contact forms:
•    Is destined for LAB, the Data Controller;
•    To process your information requests and for marketing purposes;
•    This information will be conserved until you ask for it to be deleted or for a period of 2 years from the time of your last interaction with us. 

Information processed when an unsolicited application is made via an e-mail address provided on the Website:
•    Is destined for LAB, the Data Controller;
.•    To process your application and potential hiring;
•    This information will be conserved for the period of your contractual relationship with us if you are hired, or for a period of two years from the time of your last interaction with the company in question.

Collection of Personal Data by other processes
When meeting you at exhibitions or other events or if you contact us directly, you might be required to entrust us with your Personal Data, or if you provide us with your business cards, register on our mailing list, complete a guestbook, introduce yourself at our stand, write to us to obtain information about our products, etc. 

Information gathered on this occasion: 
•    Is destined for LAB, the Data Controller;
•    Is used for marketing purposes and to process your potential information requests;
•    This information will be conserved until you ask for it to be deleted or for a period of 2 years from the time of your last interaction with us.


  • Your rights over your Personal Data

In accordance with the amended French Data Processing Law of 1978 and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679), you have the right of access, portability, correction, opposition, restriction or deletion concerning your Personal Data. To find out more about your rights, please consult the Regulation

You can exercise these rights by sending an e-mail or letter bearing a signature, accompanied by a copy of a valid identity document, to or to: Legal Department - LAB – 259 avenue Jean Jaurès 69007 Lyon.

The processing of data via our Website is based on your consent. You may withdraw this consent at any time following the procedure set out in the paragraph above. This withdrawal will apply to the future only and cannot call into question the lawfulness of any Personal Data already processed. 

If your rights have been infringed, you may lodge a claim with the French Data Protection Commission (the CNIL) or with the supervisory authority of your country of residence.