Dry / Semi-Dry process

VapoLAB™ is the advanced conditioned dry / semi-dry sorption process using standard hydrated lime or quick lime.

It comprises 3 steps:

  • Steam generation / gas cooling: A steam generator is located in the flue gas ducts upstream the LABloop® reactor and bag house filter.
  • Residues activation: The generated steam is put in contact with the recirculated unused reagent in the ACTILAB® reactor boosting the reagent activity.
  • Residues recycling: Reactivated residues are reinjected in the LABloop® reactor.

Key benefits of VapoLAB™:

  • Reduced operating cost (low stoichiometric ratio)
  • Improved energy recovery
  • Small footprint
  • Easy to maintain and operate
  • Safe respect of emission limit