Dry process

SecoLAB™ is an efficient dry system based on sodium bicarbonate or lime reagents.

It comprises 3 steps:

  • Flue gas conditioning: to assure optimum process temperature by conditioning tower or similar
  • Injection of dry additives: for a powerful removal of acid pollutants by sodium bicarbonate or hydrated lime and removal of heavy metals, mercury and dioxins by activated carbon or equivalent
  • Reactivation and recirculation of dust (directly through ACTILABtm screw or by an external maturation silo): final removal of pollutants, buffering of pollutant peaks, minimization of reagents consumption

Key benefits of SecoLAB™:

  • Safe respect of low emission regulations
  • High flexibility towards pollutant inlet concentrations
  • Robust design and easy maintenance
  • Maximized availability