deNOx process

TermiNOx LAB™ is a deNOx process for NOx removal combining non-catalytic system in the boiler and slip catalyst in the flue gas cleaning.

TermiNOx LAB™ integrates a catalyst layer downstream a de-duster using the ammonia SNCR slip to upgrade the NOx removal performances of the overall system and to limit NH3 emissions at the stack.

The following reagents can be used for TermiNOx LAB™:

  • Urea pellets
  • Liquid urea
  • Ammonia

Key benefits of TermiNOx LAB™:

  • Economic and ecological solution for NOx removal
  • Low nitrogen oxide levels with minimal ammonia slip
  • Best solution for retrofit/upgrading of existing plants
  • Flexibility for reagents that can be used