As stringent environmental regulations regarding SO2 emissions are implemented everywhere, wet FGD is the most efficient process for large fossil-fuel power plants.

LAB solutions are based on long experience of GraniLAB™ technologies and are providing more than 95% removal of SO2 in flue gases.

Different concepts can be offered:

  • Limestone/lime spray towers including slurry preparation unit, gypsum production unit and water treatment
  • Sea water scrubbers with on-site treatment of the bleed
  • Ammoniac spray towers including evaporation unit and ammonia sulfate production (used as fertilizer)

Key benefits of Wet FGD:

  • Safe respect of emissions limits
  • Valorization of the by-product (gypsum or ammonia sulfate)
  • Low operating costs with limestone/lime
  • High efficiency on SO2 removal