Semi-Dry FGD

with SecoLAB

Semi-dry FGD is the best economical concept for industrial and utilities boilers using coal as fuel.

It is a dry SecoLAB™ process consisting in a conditioning tower, a LABloop™ dry reactor, a fabric filter with residues recirculation and humidification in the ActiLAB™ screw reactor.

Sodium Bicarbonate, quick or hydrated lime may be used as reagent and on-site lime slaking can be offered as well.

The Semi-dry FGD is the perfect flue gas desulphurization concept for existing small and middle size plants to fulfill the new IED Directives.

Key benefits of Semi-Dry FGD:

  • Safe respect of emissions limits
  • Scalability for stricter regulations
  • Low operating costs with quick lime
  • High reliability and availability