HOFOR : Start of Erection

HOFOR : Start of Erection

The BIO4 facility is being developed as part of the conversion of the Amager combined heat and power (CHP) and will support Copenhagen’s climate plan, under which the city aims to become the first fossil CO2-neutral capital in the world by the year 2025.

The plant’s aging coal-fired heat production line will be replaced with an installation using biomass in the form of woodchips. The new line will have a capacity of 150 MW of electricity and 415 MW of heat (for the city’s district heating system) with 125 MW of that heat being produced by flue gases condensation (making it the biggest flue gas condensation unit in Europe).

LAB is in charge the turnkey delivery of the flue gas treatment and condensation plants. Erection works on site started as scheduled in October 2017 with the lifting of the first main equipment including, notably, the first section of the flue gas stack.

For the first time in its long history, LAB ordered the manufacture of five impressively-sized scrubbers/condensers (10 m diameter, 35 m height) of fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) material in Mumbai, India. These scrubbers, which were subject to extremely strict quality control throughout their manufacturing process, are now on their way by sea to Copenhagen. The voyage from India to Denmark takes between six and eight weeks.

The other main equipment are also now being shipped, including class P3 steel structure (complying with public building regulations) manufactured in China, induced draft fans from Finland, steel ducts from Lithuania and condensate water treatment manufactured in Italy.

The new plant is scheduled for commissioning as from autumn 2018.