Technical Expertise and Troubleshooting

LAB Service is the ideal partner for operators faced with any operating or performance issues, as our field of expertise comprises all aspects of plant operation from combustion to emission.

Our team of experts is made up of doctors, engineers, chemists and designers with many years of operational experience in troubleshooting and process expertise.

LAB Service is trusted by many operators and carries out around 50 missions of expertise all over Europe each year:

  • On site process expertise of Flue Gas Treatment, Combustion and Steam production
  • Remote Control Assistance of installation processes from our offices
  • Plant optimization and fine tuning
  • Installation mechanical inspection
  • Training program dedicated to Energy plant manager, operating team and technical team

Our modeling means includes Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for equipment and gas network optimization and Robobat software for structural design.

The LAB Test Center (LTC), our in house laboratory installed in the South of France, is the perfect tool to ensure quick turn-around analysis. The LTC has also a complete range of equipment to carry-out comprehensive expertise on site for gas characterization (raw and clean) and for mechanical inspection.

To deal with urgent issues (troubleshooting) our experts and means can be mobilized to any European site within 24h.