Lifetime extension: Preventive maintenance & spare parts

Lab Service is a well established and recognized actor of the Waste to Energy Flue Gas Treatment plant renovation sector. Our competences and skill are highly valued, especially for short time schedule project where our reactivity is key.

Thanks to our extended knowledge of all available technologies and to our strong network of partners and sub-contractors, Lab Service can rebuilt and improve existing installation in record time and complete commissioning and fine tuning so that high performance are reached.

  • Turnkey solution to replace existing scrubbers (supply, disassembling of existing equipment, erection and commissioning of new equipment) on 2*50t/h plant in 14 months.
  • Turnkey solution to replace the whole wet flue gas treatment equipment destroyed during a fire, including one quench, two cooling towers and an Agglo-Filtering Modules on 12t/h plant completed in 8 months.