Improvement of energy efficiency and environmental performances

Energy saving is a key issue for high performance installation and CO2 reduction to operators showcasing their environmental commitment.

Lab Service has a complete portfolio of technical solutions which helps reducing drastically energy consumption, as well as reagent and utilities consumption to improve R1 ratio.

  • Combustion optimization
  • Low energy consumption FGT process
  • Flue gas cooling via heat exchanger as a alternative to water spray
  • SCR deNOx gas burner replaced by steam heater
  • Low SCR temperature (below 160 °C) with Very Low Temperature Catalyst (CataLAB-VLT™);
  • Electrical consumption reduction via aeraulics optimization by CFD modelling and parasite air intake diagnoses and correction
  • Reduction of emission values
  • Reduction of reagent consumption with patented processes such as VapoLAB™
  • Reduction of Air Pollution Control residue flow