Catalyst production, regeneration and performances follow-up

LAB Service has developed a unique concept designed to support the operators throughout the lifetime and availability of its installation by assisting in defining optimized preventive maintenance program and completion of the necessary maintenance operations: “Full Maintenance Concept”.

For years, LAB Service has dedicated a lot of resources to develop its own SCR catalyst technologies and knowledge and can offer an extended catalog of high efficiency Nitrogen oxides and dioxins reduction catalyst with associated services.

LAB Service Catalyst production of new catalyst

  • Standard Catalyst (CataLAB™) operating from 180 °C
  • Very Low Temperature Catalyst (CataLAB-VLT™) operating from 150 °C

LAB Service has in house capacity to regenerate and reactivate with high efficiency SCR catalyst from any manufacturer including CataLAB-VLT™. This process helps to avoid having to dispose of catalyst in Landfill and thus reduce the environmental footprint of the operator.

LAB Service, a European leader in catalyst activity monitoring (market share: 55% in France, 26% in Europe) has numerous benches for testing catalyst NOx and dioxins reduction activity allowing us to provide quick and reliable results to operators. Moreover our report also include recommendation on operating parameters.

LAB Service has developed a unique service ensuring continuous deNOx/dediox performance over the years which allow the operator complete peace of mind. This service is based on a long term agreement with the operators including:

  • Initial Supply and installation of SCR catalyst suited for SCR performance
  • Regular follow up of the residual activity of the catalyst and SCR inspection>
  • Managing replacement of the catalyst as and when dictated by performance requirement