Stabilization and Solidification of Flue Gas Treatment Residues

LAB also offers with its StabiLAB™ technology and with the powerful additive TraceLock™, a turnkey solution for the Stabilization and Solidification of Flue Gas Cleaning Residues to minimize contamination and disposal costs.

Only by complete stabilization and solidification can hazardous waste be transformed into a non hazardous waste material.

LAB offers technologies for chemical stabilization and physical solidification of Flue Gas Cleaning Residues, enabling an environmentally safe disposal of highly contaminated waste materials.

The main focus of this treatment is the immobilization of heavy metals. The proprietary additive TraceLock™ serves as a binding agent (Patent EP 1200 158, PL 192 267).

Since the last century LAB has realized numerous projects for immobilization of hazardous waste materials from thermal treatment.