RecuLAB ™ NF, valorisation of waste-to-energy bottom ash

Over the last years, LAB has developed a unique approach for the treatment of both matured and fresh, wet-discharged incineration bottom ash. Spearheading the recycling industry in this field, LAB´s focus is threefold:

  • Metal recovery
    • Quantity: Increased efficiency on recovery rate and recovery bandwidth (> 1 mm)
    • Quality: Sorting effectiveness and pureness of metals
  • Landfill saving
    • Volume reduction: Sustainability and protection of landfill space (up to 100% re-use)
    • Reduction of chemical-physical processes in the landfill site
  • Quality of Mineral fraction
    • Chemical: Reduction of oxidation, carbonization, gas building and leaching
    • Physical: Creation of visually attractive secondary construction material within defined construction material specifications

With a metal recovery > 1 mm and the direct commercialization, we guarantee a maximum value creation from metal sales. Just crushing the mineral compounds as needed, the maximum grading as use for alternative construction material is reached, leading to minimum dust building and minimum wear.

Our approach has been successfully implemented in different bottom ash treatment sites.

See also our offer for the treatment of FRESH Incineration Bottom Ash