RecuLAB ™ HNF, recovering precious metals

LAB´s new IBA treatment approach can directly process wet-discharged incineration bottom ash without any maturation (Patent applied). Fresh incineration bottom ash can be processed ONLINE, ONSITE and WET.

It is a modular concept, focusing on the recovery of metals in the fraction < 2 mm.

An easy integration into existing IBA recycling sites is possible, safeguarding an unchanged use of already installed incineration bottom ash recycling technologies for the treatment of fractions > 2 mm.

Only a small footprint for infeed / outfeed storage through timely processing of the incineration bottom ash is required.

Besides recovering especially precious and non-ferrous metals in the very fine fraction, the following benefits can be guaranteed:

  • Massively reduced dust emissions, also for subsequent conventional treatment of fraction > 2 mm
  • No waste water generation expected, due to closed-loop process water management
  • Increased metal recovery rates in fraction > 2 mm as better working conditions for eddy-current systems
  • Improved metal quality in fractions resulting in higher sales revenues
  • Further improved re-use potential of treated mineral fractions as secondary construction materials

See also our offer for the treatment of MATURED Incineration Bottom Ash